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We have received some lovely feedback over the last few months.  There just isn't room for all our feedback but we thought we would include a few quotes here so that, if you are new to Dragon Drama, you can get to know us a little better : )

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic innovative performance. We loved it and really enjoyed the show. I know I'm gushing but I could watch it again and again such great performances from everyone. And Gemma was perfectly cast - it suited her so well and she was so confident she was not quite recognisable at times. And we loved the music.  Thank you for all your efforts - great show great performance.  Viv, Jim and Alex xx and of course Gemma xxx"  

"Dear Rossy Thank you so much for such a wonderful production last night, I really really enjoyed it! I was so impressed by the standard of everyone’s performance and I found the story to be funny, touching and most definitely thought provoking. I may possibly have shed a tear as well!  May’s character was particularly poignant as, at the age of 7, May was that painfully shy child holding in the confident and happy girl I have now. Dragon Drama was very much the place where the “real” May learnt to come out! It was a marvellous production and I am excited to imagine where Dragon’s Flight will be landing next! Thank you for everything you do to make Dragon Drama so very special. With love Sue Curtis x"

'Goldmine'  Dragonsflight Youth Theatre, Arthur Cottrell Theatre Kingston, International Youth Arts Festival 2015

"Well if I haven't told you before, you are doing a marvellous job. I can't praise Dragon Drama enough. Whether you just want your kids to do drama for fun and to build confidence, or if they want to take it more seriously and get involved in productions or take LAMDA exams, there's something for everyone. Brilliant stuff. Sx"

I can't tell you how excited T was to re join you for the first session of the term yesterday. We produced a small count down sheet and he marked off the days to D-Day. T loves his time with you and of course Harry and is so happy. Thank you so much for the fabulous work and time you give everyone.  

Mrs S and son aged 5 year


Having done years of DD they're all masters of improvisation and going with the moment, so I have every confidence that if any of them do or say something unexpected during their performance they'll just run with it... and therein lies the bones of all good acting.

Mrs B and daughters aged 11 and 13 years


I thought the Top Hat was really good.  Excellent performances, nature of the script made it really good for impro extras, music throughout combined with setting made it really Victorian…

Mrs M and daughter aged 12 years


Just wanted to say belated THANK YOU for the summer camp. K and A loved the week with you. It was fantastic - I know they are not the most out going kids but they are creative and its great for them to be part of an experience that values everyone.

Mrs P and daughters aged 6 and 9 years

Hi Rossy

Hi Rossy Just a note to say how lovely Thursday's performance was! I was amazed to see how much Indie has come on and there was no stage fright which always grips her at school!!! She really loved doing her bit and being covered in glitter! And she was really proud that she managed to do it in front of "all those parents"!

I hoped to catch you to say a big thank you for your work with the chick!  You have worked so hard and I hope you have a restful Christmas and see you in the new year!


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